Sunshine Coast Massage. Indian Head Massage and Foot Reflexology with Foot Spa with Jan Bond at Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Contact Jan by email or by phone on (07) 5448 3163 or 040 222 5678 for more details and to make a booking.

Massage and Yoga both work on the body and mind, helping to maintain a certain balance. Most people benefit from both and feel immediate positive results.

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*NEW* Traditional Balinese Massage by Made

Indian Head Massage

Reflexology with Foot Spa

Therapeutic Massage


“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my massage yesterday, didn’t realise how much I needed a Jan massage! I slept so well and woke feeling uplifted and happy. Must be some magic in that room.” Libby

“Lovely Jan, Thankyou so very much for my amaaaaaaazing massage yesterday…can’t tell you the difference it has made. I’ve missed your massages these last few months but feel so blessed to have had your magic touch in other ways all along….” Jo