House Clearing

Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable in our own homes and workspaces; Jan will work with you to ‘clear’ a space of negative energy, set intentions and invite positive energy back into the home or office. Saging or smudging has its roots in Native American culture and tradition and is shared by many other world cultures including our own here in Australia.

House cleansing and clearing can be incorporated into a psychic reading or tarot card reading session, personal meditation, or standalone. Cost is $80 per hour (includes travel time), minimum one hour.

Contact Jan Bond to arrange house cleansing or clearing at or 040 222 5678.

“Thank you so much. I feel so positive for my future. Our house was full of love and hope last night. This morning waking up the house feels re-energised and hopeful. Thank you very much.” 

Felicity, March 2019