Access BARS

Sunshine Coast Access BARS energy work.  Book a BARS session with Jan Bond at Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

You can contact Jan by email at [janet dot bond at bigpond dot com] or by phone on (07) 5448 3163 or 040 222 5678 for more details and to make a booking.

There are 32 points or bars on the head that relate to areas of one’s psyche. Activating these points by lightly touching them and by allowing the energy to flow through these bars releases the electrical charge that holds all the emotions or attitudes relating to each point.

Jan is qualified a Access BARS Energy therapist and can use this form of energy healing to promote relaxation and target problem areas.

Cost: $70 per session (1 hour).

Call Jan on (07) 5448 3163 or 040 222 5678 or email for more details and to make a booking.


“Thank you again for the time we spent together on Thursday. Will be in touch soon to make another appointment to have Bars done again as I really felt that I benefited.” Anita, Aug 2013