Raindrops Therapy Massage Workshop

I’m hosting a ‘Raindrops’ style massage workshop this Saturday 3rd August 9am -5pm. This is a gentle and holistic form of essential oil massage using anti-inflammatory oils.

Raindrop-style therapy is an essential oil treatment enhancing the body’s immune system through aromatherapy, reflexology and gentle massage techniques. Drops of seven distilled essential oils are applied on the feet, back and neck using a feathering technique. This is an extremely gentle process that uses the strength of the essential oils as the main component for assisting healing, rather than manual pressure on the muscles. The style used for this type of therapy is a completely different concept to traditional therapeutic Swedish massage.

$100 for the day plus the required oils you will need to conduct these massages ($90). Certificate issued for the training. Contact me at janet.bond@bigpond.com or 040 222 5678 for more information and to book in. Only four spots remaining. 🌸